Hadcrafts made in my studio in Paris.

Paper is my favourite material. I use craftmade papers, made in Japan, Nepal, Italy, … This raw material, simple but precious, colored or delicately see-through, I chose to highlight its beauty by making lamps, jewelry or decorations objects.

Find my art pieces in my studio in Paris or in my eshop.

A studio & a shop ?

on one side it’s my studio : the place where I handmake all my craft, surrounded by papers. A place where you can watch me working while visiting the shop.

on the other side : my lamps light up the space, and my origami jewelry. You will also find other handcrafts or made in France objects.


You could make your own lamp or have a creative moment with your child or even spend time with your closed ones while making your wedding decoration. I will accompagny you and share my savoir-faire and experience.

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